March 2020:

Got a bit more spare time to hand at the mo'and wondering which project to get my hands dirty with next. More V.B. or a Dun Strummin side project perhaps, including unreleased tracks I've had knocking around for a while that didn't fit into any other projects at the time. Or maybe even a global music project that includes lots of world instruments layered over Rock and Electronic backings. They're all there, just need time & commitment to finish off.
Ghost in the Chamber also has more tracks waiting to go - I can't decide - if any of this sounds like your kind of stuff, you can leave messages in any of the usual places, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. thru 'V.B. Links' opposite. Thanks for getting involved.

Edgar Froese 1944-2015

Arguments will persist as to which period of Tangerine Dream's evolution was their best, but it cannot be denied that it's founder and only continuous member of the band - Edgar Froese was instrumental at every stage. T.D. virtually invented the Ambient Electronic / Berlin School genre. They took a mechanical artform and gave it a soul by creating exquisitely atmospheric and highly original soundscapes for the time, producing what would become 'life soundtracks' for the legions of followers they inspired.
My otherwise eclectic music collection is dominated by the works of E.F. and T.D. (60+ albums at the last count) the early one's in particular are sublime enough to remind me of where I was and what I was doing when I first heard them, while also providing the main inspiration for 'Tropospheric'.
Herr Froese leaves in his wake an impressive legacy of 100+ albums and an enduring music genre that will continue on far longer than those of us who witnessed it's formation. D.S.

  27th January 2011 
Gadzooks! Has it really been 6 months since the last update? Well, at last I can report that the new album "Tropospheric" will be available as from Friday 28th Jan as either a physical CD or as a download (although you'd be missing out on some very nice artwork if you choose the latter). By clicking on the album cover (top right) you'll be taken to the MellowJet website where you can hear samples from "Tropospheric" to further whet your appetite. Happy listening!

  20 July 2010
The new album "Tropospheric" is all but done bar the shouting. Currently seeking a distribution company associated with the electronic / ambient genre to help point the album in the right direction.
More news as it happens! (Cue ticker tape SFX). 

  26 March 2010
For this weekend only, complete Visible Breath album downloads start at just $4.97 from CD Baby! See the CDBaby link on the V.B. Links page!

    9th March 2010 (part 2) 
The new CD project which was going to be under a new project name is nearing completion, but will now probably come under the Visible Breath banner after all. This was decided as a result of the new tracks - although being largely of the Electronica genre - still being familiar to Visible Breath fans.
  However, this will still be a minor sea change for the project and I hope to get a sample track uploaded soon. So I'm really looking forward to hearing your comments on the new material. If you have any questions you want to ask, you can leave me a tweet and I'll tweet back asap. (Twitter address on the "Downloads" page). Stay tuned for updates!
  9th March 2010 (part 1)
New Visible Breath pages on Facebook and 2 free downloads now available on SoundCloud. You can link to both sites from the "Downloads" page. Good listening!

    14th September 2009:
The Visible Breath studio has recently been revamped and I currently have my head buried in the operators manuals of some newly acquired equipment. All good fun, if a little time consuming. But hoping it should all be worth it when everything starts to run a little smoother.

13th July 2009:
The Visible Breath site is currently being upgraded to include a Production Music sampler for media sound design use.
If you have any questions or specific requirements regarding this, please email me via the 'email' link with your contact details and I will be happy to discuss these with you.
Good listening.

6th February 2009
Apologies for the lack of updates recently as I've been working on a Visible Breath side project called "The Nobodiz", which is a kind of alternative rock experiment with a twist. You can visit the MySpace page ( and check out a very cool animated video.

17th April 2008
There's definitely a touch of spring fever in the air.
Right now on CD Baby you can download very high quality mp3s (about 200kbps) of the "Fuse" or "Degrees of Light" albums for just $5.97, which is about £2.99 or 3.75 Euros! "Complete madness!"
The downloads also include the cover art and a text file of song titles, notes and links!
You can get there by clicking on the cover art (right) or go to "Downloads" and click on "CDBaby"! Wicked deal!

15th January 2008
Hope everyone's new year has got off to a good start and with that in mind, I've created two new links to a couple of videos posted on YouTube with the tracks "First Orbit" and "Aurora" as the soundtracks.
You can link to these on the new 'Videos' page and don't forget to watch this space for any future additions.

19th August 2007
"D.o.L." is now being played on Internet radio stations as far apart as the UK, Norway & Belarus to the Americas, including genre specific stations like based in New Jersey, USA.
So keep listening and help keep Internet radio alive.

14th June 2007
"Degrees of Light" now downloadable from iTunes.
PS; I'm back online...............for the moment!

27th May 2007
Can you believe it, "Degrees of Light" is finally online and available from (linkable from the CD artwork - right). It's only taken three years of sleepless nights and angst filled days to get the finished article in place! And now what's happened, my PC has decided to block all connections to the 'net' rendering me unable to promote or contact or send messages just when I need to the most. So I've just managed to borrow a few minutes on someone else's PC to help keep everyone up to date. In the mean time check out the cdbaby link for more info and soundclips from the new CD. And don't forget, your feedback is always appreciated both here and on:

22nd April 2007
"A thing will always take longer than the time allowed for it". I think that's how the saying goes and it certainly applies to the Degrees of Light project. I've lost count of the number of times I've had to extend the deadline.
However, I can now report that the mastering process is almost complete and - all being well - should be in the hands of the distributors (CDBaby) and made available online by the end of May - no, I kid, I mean next month, no really. This has to happen, because if I have to extend the deadline once more...........I'm gonna need psychotherapy!!

29th November 2006
Two more samples from "Degrees of Light" have been uploaded to the Jukebox for your delectation!
"Into the Unknown" & "First Orbit" are both sections from the 30min "First Orbit" concept which makes up the first half of the CD. The second half is a collection of songs and instrumentals for the dark hours. Look out for guest appearances from: Maria Rogers, Penny Moorhed and Gabrielle Agachiko. More info soon!

24th November 2006
Hooray! The first upload "Winterlight" from the new cd "Degrees of Light" can now be heard on the jukebox. More samples to follow shortly!

22nd October 2006
OK, here's the thing. "Degrees of Light" is pretty much finished and there just remains some tweeking of the final mix, duplication and making available on CDBaby etc. As this will take a few weeks overall, I have decided to aim for a January release, as this will avoid the Xmas avalanche of Yuletide and Best of... releases and allow everyone time to emerge from the excesses of the holiday.
In the mean time, I'll be putting up some samples to tide us over.
So watch this space and thanks again for your patience.

25th March 2006
I keep getting asked where the new CD is. Well, I can tell you that both the audio and the artwork are in the final stages of production and we shouldn't have to wait much longer. I also hope to get artwork and track information up here on a dedicated page very soon.
Thank you for your patience.

11th December 2005
Just an update on the new CD due out early in the new year. It's looking like it will be an album of two halves. One consisting of individual tracks with guest vocalists adding their invaluable contributions to the mix and the other half being a 30 minute jazz/prog/electronica concept in nine parts.
In the meantime, enjoy the seasonal festivities and watch this space.

29th May 2005

"Sidewalk Dreams" has landed a second No1 spot on Soundclick today, this time in the Beats/Instrumentals - Jazz chart. I guess you just can't keep a good groove down!

12th March 2005

While the work continues on the follow up to the "Fuse" CD, "Fuse" itself is currently being prepared for digital distribution from sites such as "Apple iTunes" and "MP3tunes". This will enable fans to either download individual tracks or the whole album for a smaller fee than buying the physical CD.

21st January 2005

Work continues on an ambitious new album due for release in the Summer.
A 30 minute Jazz Rock & Electronica mini epic will feature along with more of those killer acid grooves that made the "Fuse" CD so successful.

24th December 2004

"Peruvian Snow" has landed the No. 1 spot in the SoundClick Latin Jazz chart.
Thanks to everyone who has supported this track and have a great Christmas!

18th December 2004

"Peruvian Snow" is a kind of Mambo / Andean fusion and has just been upload on SoundClick.
It has the energy of "Sidewalk Dreams" and the atmospherics of "Teotihuacan". If you can't imagine that, then what are you waiting for, get over there and give it a spin!
You can link to it from "SoundClick" on the Links page........where else!

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